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BOSS VE1 Vocal Echo Pedal

BOSS VE1 Vocal Echo Pedal


Add extra ambience and depth to your vocals with multiple reverb types, built in memory for storing settings and an integrated USB port, all in an intuitive, compact, road ready design.

BOSS VE1 Vocal Echo Pedal

Throw away your PA engineers and take control of your vocal sound with the BOSS VE1 Vocal Echo Pedal! The BOSS gurus have specifically to create those sort after ambient vocal sounds no matter where you are performance. The VE-1 Vocal effects pedal provides the means to to simply and easily achieve great echo sounds while remaining totally reliable. From street performers to local pub bands, the VE1 is sure to sound and would compliment any kind of vocals thrown at it.

The BOSS engineers worked in conjunction with top recording engineers from around the world to use their decades of accumulated expertise in vocal reverb to design this very vocal echo pedal, this has resulted in studio-level features and adjustability finding their way into this impressive design. 

Built in are 7 different echo types that contain multiple alternative reverbs that can be carefully adjusted or tweaked in every one of these settings. With these variations you get mean you have the most suitable settings for each depth level which blends in perfectly, meaning your direct vocal sound is never overwhelmed. 

The VE-1 is an extremely straightforward, intuitive device to use even if you are very new to effects, while those who prefer a compact vocal effects arsenal for small venues or clubs will also be very satisfied with what the VE-1 has to offer. Its simple, with this rugged, compact unit you can achieve superb studio quality ambient reverberation that can sweeten up and vocal track, providing that extra sense of spaciousness and sparkle. 

Additional features include a built-in memory, so you can simply switch between the ambient echo sounds you need for different song styles, with four different settings available. BOSS have also included a feature that allows you to bypass the ambient sound while keeping the Enhancer active, this is for between songs when you might want to speak to the audience.

To top this vocal box off BOSS have also included a built-in USB audio port so you can record to your computer, great for those who are interested making professional sounding videos or songs that compliment vocal ability. With a microphone added the VE-1 you can record your vocals as well as effects directly to almost any music software for endless possibilities.