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Dixon Magnetic Hi Hat Drop Clutch

Dixon Magnetic Hi Hat Drop Clutch


Free up your foot for double kick pedal duties and more with the clever Dixon Magnetic Hi-hat drop clutch.

Dixon Magnetic Hi Hat Drop Clutch

Introducing the innovative Dixon Magnetic Hi Hat Drop Clutch! This unique invention by Dixon Percussion originated from drummers who wanted to continue playing patterns on a closed hi-hat with their hands while their foot remains playing their double kick pedal or foot cowbell. 

So who does it work? The standard clutch is held in place by a magnetic top disc that connects to most hi-hat rods via a standard drum key. Once engaged this magnetic disc does an excellent job of holding the top cymbal securely in position.

When you want to release the top cymbal and free up your foot for other duties all you need to do is tap or strike the magnetic disc and then the clutch will disengage. Simple yet effective!