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Electro Harmonix Superego Plus Pedal

Electro Harmonix Superego Plus Pedal


The EHX Superego Plus takes the award winning Superego Synth Engine pedal and raises the bar further with a dedicated effects section, EXP input, four footswitchable freeze modes and more!

Electro Harmonix Superego Plus Pedal

Derived from the same circuit as the award winning Superego, the Electro-Harmonix Superego Plus takes the synth engine to the next level. On top of the synth effects, sound layers, glissandos, infinite sustain that featured on the original, EHX have now added 11 effects types, an expression input for effect parameter control/preset recall and an EXT jack for a 3-button controller.

Those looking to build intricate, detailed sonic soundscapes and atmospheric shimmers will love the Superego+. It's highly capable palette of tones are made up of 11 types that include highly capable modes such as Detune, Delay, Echo, Flange, Phase, Mod, Rotary, Trem 1, Trem 2, Pitch and Filter. 

Core controls are made up of the Dry, Effect, Attack, Decay, Threshold, Layer and Gliss knobs offering more precise tonal control and sound sculpting capabilities than ever before. The powerful effects section is simple in it's control with a Rate and Depth knob working in harmony with the effect selected and the main synth circuit. 

Sound artists and shoegazers will also love the four impressive foot-switchable Freeze modes that are available. The include Moment, Sustain, Auto and Latch modes that all react drastically differently to your playing with the potential to obtain infinite sustain and deep, rich layers of sound. 

A feature also unique to the Superego Plus is a live Effects mode. When activated this routes the dry signal through the built-in effects section which simultaneously disengaging the internal synth engine making lush delays, tremolos, modulations and more available independently with beautiful results. 

Sounds great for guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals, drums and more!

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