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Ibanez NTS Tubescreamer NuTube Overdrive Pedal

Ibanez NTS Tubescreamer NuTube Overdrive Pedal


Powered by Korg's advanced NuTube Technology, this NTS Tube Screamer by Ibanez utilizes the power of a real valve, features an added mix control and offers the option of 9v battery or 9v-18v power operation.

Ibanez NTS Tubescreamer NuTube Overdrive Pedal

Introducing the Ibanez NTS Tubescreamer NuTube Overdrive Pedal! The saga of the legendary Tube Screamer continues. With a little help from Korg's Nutube technology, as found in the VOX MV50 amplifier range, Ibanez have taken their classic drive to the new heights with real built in valve power. 

This premium device will certainly stand out on anyone's pedalboard. Along with the familiar vintage TS808 housing, chrome square style footswitch and TS logo, this Nutube model gets a fresh, reverse white and green colour scheme. 

Operating exactly the same as a triode vaccuum tube, Korg's NuTube offers that true valve sound with the desirable rich overtones and dynamic character of a real screaming valve amp. 

As well as the drive, tone and level knobs present of the original Tube Screamer design, this rendition of the famous overdrive also features a mix control which allows players to blend their pure clean sound with the overdriven circuit as well as relay true bypass switching. 

With the NTS users can also opt for 9V battery or 9-18V power supply operation depending on their preferred set up.