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Jim Dunlop EP103 Echoplex Delay Pedal

Jim Dunlop EP103 Echoplex Delay Pedal


Love the glorious sound of the classic EP-3 Echoplex Tape Delay? Hate changing expensive, temperamental tape cartridges? The Dunlop EP103 is the perfect, authentic revival of the EP3 in an MXR sized package.

Jim Dunlop EP103 Echoplex Delay Pedal

Introducing the Jim Dunlop EP103 Echoplex Delay Pedal. The Echoplex name is a very famous one in the history of delay effects thanks to the legendary EP-3 tape echo machine, a unit that was made famous due to its beautifully warm, organic modulation and sweet musical voice.

Although featuring on countess hit records and sounding fantastic, the world soon left the famous EP-3 behind after deeming it too expensive, temperamental and large to rely on. Now thanks to the Jim Dunlop EP103 the unique voice and character of that original EP-3 Tape Delay is finally accurately recaptured!

This EP103 delay is a real winner for those who want vintage tones, without the vintage problems! This compact, MXR sized pedal delivers the EP-3’s legendary tones with a simple control interface and a hi-fi all-analogue dry path for the ultimate tape delay experience. Yes you really can access all the tone of the old VCR sized legend but in a housing that will fit on any pedal board! No catch. 

In similar fashion to the original you get the classic Echoplex logo with a simple control interface made up of delay, sustain and volume. The delay control sets the time between repeats (from 40 to 750ms), the sustain control sets the number of repeats and the volume control sets the output level of your repeats.  

Two really unique and sought after tonal aspects of the original EP-3 were its amazing preamp and the modulated warble effect that the tape would make if it was worn out or needed changing. Jim Dunlop have taken both of these features and included them in the EP103! The delay signal gets the same tonal conditioning that the old Echoplex Preamp provided, while the dry path is left untouched for a pure tonal experience.

The modulation effect is now better and more controllable than ever before with the 'Age' mode featured on the EP103. When activated you instantly will hear the decay character of a perishing tape that will darken your tone, up the tape saturation (distortion) and increase modulation (tape distress) as you turn the knob clockwise.

The EP103 doesn't just achieve the Echoplex EP-3 sound, it improves on it with a host of handy modern additions. This pedal has tap tempo functionality, for up to 4 seconds of delay time. and the dry path is all analogue with Constant Headroom Technology for 20 volts of headroom. More tweaking is avalible with a choice of true relay or trails bypass, stereo input and output and you can even set the EP103 in 100% wet mode. The ultimate modern day tape delay. 

Jim Dunlop