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Korg MA1 Metronome - Blue / Black

Korg MA1 Metronome - Blue / Black


The MA1 from Korg is a compact Solo Metronome that is the ideal tool for any musician looking to carry out rhythm training or practice.

Korg MA1 Metronome - Blue / Black

The Korg MA1 Metronome - Blue/Black, otherwise known as the Solo Metronome, is a compact handheld device with a variety of functions for effective rhythm and phrasing practice. 

The MA1 is a practical multi-function product that not only provides an easy to use beat-counting display and an adjustable volume earphone jack, but it also operates uses handy memory backup and auto power-off functions for added convinience during everyday use. 

The MA1 really has been designed as a super flexible tool any musician can use on the go. It's intelligent tap tempo allows anybody to easily dial in the perfect tempo or speed for their needs, choose from two types of tempo steps, selected the desired number of beats, choose between alternative rhythm types and adjust calibration between 410 - 480Hz. 

Korg have even made the MA1 so efficient that it will provide up to 290 hours of battery life!