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Korg Volca Bass - Analogue Bass Synth

Korg Volca Bass - Analogue Bass Synth


The Korg Volca Bass is an analogue bass synth groove box. It features true analogue bass sounds, a built in sequencer and hands on control of a host of parameters.

Korg Volca Bass - Analogue Bass Synth

The Korg Volca Bass is an analogue bass synth groove box from the hugely popular Korg Volca range. The Volca Bass is an easy-to-use, powerful and fun unit that will inspire whether used alone, within a studio set-up, in a live situation or as part of Korg Volca set-up! The Volca Bass is able to deliver a wide range of analogue bass sounds that when combined with the built-in sequence is a truly inspirational tool - happy to produce solid basslines to support a simple rhythm track or get more funky with a head nodding intricate groove!

With the three onboard oscillators, which can be used in a variety of ways, the Volca Bass can produce an array of diverse bass sounds. Then, control the sound with the analogue filter, with its Cutoff and Peak knobs and you are in 'analogue bass tweak heaven'! In fact, all the fundamentals are here for any synth freak (or beginner synth tweaker) to engage in VCF, VCA, LFO and EG - allowing the sound you want can be created intuitively whilst at the same time having fun!

Programming in a bass line is easy thanks to the built-in sequencer, which is derived from the classic Electric step sequencer. Not only simple to use but also powerful enough to allow you to 'free from 'bass loops, the Volca Bass will having you making synth bass lines in minutes, whilst also keeping you entertained for as long as you bassline making mind will allow!

Real fun happens with the Volca Bass when you connect it into the 'Volca World'. By using the included sync jack you can enjoy synchronized playback with multiple Volcas or with other similar connectible devices. 

You can also use the Volca Bass as a sound expander - simply connect a midi controller into the MIDI IN and you'll have access those sounds direct from your controller keyboard, or use it with your favourite DAW.

For those on the move, thanks to its compact size, battery operation, and built-in speaker, the Korg Volca Bass can be taken anywhere and ready to perform any time.