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Korg Volca Kick - Analogue Kick Generator

Korg Volca Kick - Analogue Kick Generator


Get access to those all important analogue kick tones with the Korg Volca Kick. Features an MS-20 style filter, 16-step sequencer and Touch FX for instant control!

Korg Volca Kick - Analogue Kick Generator

Arguably, the most important thing that drives any EDM track is the with the Korg Volca Kick you'll have access to a range of classic analogue kick tones and the ability to program them with the easy to use onboard 16-step sequencer and more! The Korg Volca Kick is a great standalone unit, superb addition to a live or studio set-up or a perfect add-on to your Korg Volca mini rig!

Analogue kick drum tones have long been the driving force behind dance music, so getting the right sound is hugely important. With the Volca Kick you get access to an array of classic analogue kick sounds, be it solid thumps to crisp hits, yep, all your bass drum sounds are here! With the carefully selected realtime controllers you will easily be able to craft the exact sound you want, plus the MS-20 inspired filter will really add fire to your kicks!

The 16-step sequencer allows you to easily program an inspired kick track whilst the new Touch FX lets you have more live performance potential.

Real fun happens with the Volca Kick when you connect it into the 'Volca World'. By using the included sync jack you can enjoy synchronized playback with multiple Volcas or with other similar connectible devices. 

You can also use the Volca Kick as a sound expander - simply connect a midi controller into the MIDI IN and you'll have access those sounds direct from your controller keyboard, or use it with your favourite DAW.

For those on the move, thanks to its compact size, battery operation, and built-in speaker, the Korg Volca Kick can be taken anywhere and ready to perform any time.