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Line 6 Sonic Port VX Recording Interface

Line 6 Sonic Port VX Recording Interface


The Line 6 Sonic Port VX is a 2 in 2 out audio interface with built in condenser mics (matched stereo and mono front facing). Compatible with iOS, Mac and PC.

Line 6 Sonic Port VX Recording Interface

With its 2 inputs, built in condenser mics and compatability with iOS devices, MAC and PC, the Line 6 Sonic Port VX allows you to record and complete songs in a host of situations.

The Sonic Port VX features 2 inputs. A dedicated guitar/bass input that features 120dB of dynamic range for incomparable tone and best-in-class dynamics and a stereo line input for keys, drum machines, DJ mixers and other sources. Zero-latency monitoring means you can record without distraction.

Three built in professional condenser mics also add to the input sources. Matched stereo mics allow you to record some live performances with great clarity whilst the mono front facing mic is perfect capturing some songwriting sessions.

Outputs on the Sonic Port VX come in the form of a pair of professional-level 1/4” stereo outputs, allowing you to easily connect studio monitors and perfect your mixes. 

Included with the Sonic Port VX is the Mobile POD app. With access to over 10,000 presets, 32 amps, 16 effects and 16 cabs you get an excellent sound creation tool to create your own guitar tones!

Sonic Port VX includes a Lightning cable connection so you can use your iOS device along with Mobile POD, GarageBand, and other Core Audio music apps to easily record complete songs, without restrictions.

Compatible with iOS devices, Mac® and PC.

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