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M-Audio M-Track 8X4M 8-In/4-Out USB Audio Interface with MIDI

M-Audio M-Track 8X4M 8-In/4-Out USB Audio Interface with MIDI


The M-Audio M-Track 8X4M is an 8-in 4-out USB audio/MIDI interface. It features high quality Crystal Preamps and come complete with 2 powerful DAWs and bundled effects and virtual instrument plugins.

M-Audio M-Track 8X4M 8-In/4-Out USB Audio Interface with MIDI

The M-Audio M-Track 8X4M is a USB audio/MIDI interface that features and 8-in and 4-out setup allowing you to record up to 8-tracks at once. The package also comes complete with some great bundled software.

Comprising of 8 inputs, you can happily record a selection of instruments or players at one time. There are four dedicated XLR/TRS Mic/Line combo inputs with high quality Crystal Preamps and Phantom Power, which are perfect for vocals, mic'd up guitars or for the core elements of a drum kit. In addition there are two specially designed 1/4" instrument inputs allowing for an ultra clean signal for guitars, basses or synths, whilst the remaining two inputs are Line level 1/4 - perfect for a tube preamp, keyboard or mixer. There is also a handy MIDI input and output.

The sound quality delivered by the 8X4M is class leading. It provides pristine A/D converters with 24-bit resolution providing a huge dynamic range, essential for capturing every nuance, whilst sample rates go up to 192kHz for a true and clear performance.

The M-Track 8X4M boasts an elegant design, with a pro looking metal chassis and large central volume knob complimented by its segmented VU LED displays for easy monitoring - perfect for dialing in perfect gain setting every time. The monitor and headphone outputs feature a direct mono/stereo switch and direct/USB mix knob. Each of the headphone outputs also have independent volume controls and source select switches allowing you to create mixes to suit your needs. In addition to the two 1/4” rear panel monitor outputs, the M-Track 8X4M sports an additional two 1/4” outputs for connecting outboard gear.

Some interfaces will deliver pops and crackles or unusable latency but you won't come up against the M-Track 8X4M. It features a high speed USB connections for ultra low latency, in addition to a monitor mix control, allowing you to listen directly to the source inputs for zero latency.

The package comes complete with a great selection of bundled software. There are 2 powerful DAWs - the industry standard Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition, and Ableton Live Lite, plus entire effects and virtual instrument plugins. You'll get a virtual drummer, synth, percussion, strings and piano plugins in addition to great guitar tones with Eleven Lite and AIR's Creative FX Collection with over 20 effects.

The M-Audio 8X4M is a great addition to any producers studio set-up. Giving access to a good selection of inputs, pro quality sound, great reliability and a superb bundled software set.