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MXR M108S 10 Band Graphic EQ - SILVER

MXR M108S 10 Band Graphic EQ - SILVER


Introducing the ultimate MXR EQ! 10 bands of beautiful tone shaping control to help you boost low end, add extra punch, adjust levels or boost treble response...and more! All in a sleek, road ready aluminium package.

MXR M108S 10 Band Graphic EQ - SILVER

The impressive MXR M108S 10 Band Graphic EQ now features many upgrades that put it a class about the MXR EQs of the past. This ultimate EQ is designed with super clean noise-reduction circuitry, true bypass switching, a lightweight yet tough aluminium chassis, a second output for running two separate signal chains and brighter LEDs for better visibility on stage, making it the most advanced EQ MXR have ever made. 

The tonal tweaking ability that the M108S gives you is fantastic, regardless of what genre you play, what gear you use or what environment you are using it in. With its carefully selected frequencies and both input and output controls, this Ten Band EQ enables guitarists or bassists to tweak their rig in seconds for the perfect sonic response.

Whether your board is lacking that low end, overall punch, dynamic level or treble response the MXR 10 Band EQ is the ultimate tool for all your tone shaping needs. Even use the M108S to warm up an amplified acoustic! This road ready, high quality tone sculpting unit would make the perfect addition to any bedroom, studio or live musician.