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Nuvo Clarineo - Black / Silver Trim

Nuvo Clarineo - Black / Silver Trim


The Clarineo is a Clarient in the key of C made for young beginners and primary schools students who want to progress onto a regular Bb Clarinet.

Nuvo Clarineo - Black / Silver Trim

The NUVO Clarineo, here in Black with Silver Trim, is a Clarinet which is in the key of C and designed for young beginners aged 4 to 12 years of age.

The Clarineo is much lighter and smaller in size than the standard Bb Clarinets which results in an easier and more comfortable playing experience due to shorter finger stretching distances and smaller tone holes. The perfect instrument for little fingers! 

When the student is ready, this Nuvo Clarineo makes the transition to Bb clarinet as smooth and easy as possible. Perfect for any score in the key of C whether its recorder, piano, flute or vocal pieces. 

Included are two synthetic Nuvo reeds, a cane reed and a smart case to protect the instrument in storage and transit. This is a particularly useful for primary school general music programs but even includes a 'First Steps' tutor book with a DVD and a CD with backing tracks for independent users.