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M-Audio BX D3 Speakers

The highly anticipated successors to the hugely popular BX D2 Monitors have surfaced. So what's new?

Successor to the industry-standard BX D2 monitors, the release of the M-Audio BX D3 Speakers marks the triumphant return of a legendary studio essential. With clarity and precision and the forefront of their design the new BX5 D3 and BX8 D3 are a set of monitors that will give any artists, whether they are running a home set up or have access to a pro studio, confidence in their mix. 

Like the previous BX D2 Series there are two sizes available, 5" and 8", both individually and as a pair. The new BX D3 powered studio reference monitors use the latest technologies to offer the most accurate performance yet with a flat frequency response and almost not existent distortion.  The BX D3's certainly have the potential to become the go-to gear of both rookie and pro recording engineers for 2017 and beyond.  

Although compact and affordable, the M-Audio BXD3's have been designed as top class monitors. This intent with the core design really shows with military-grade Kevlar drivers found in both models, these provide the crisp detail in the response, as well as high quality, treated silk domes that provide low mass and internal damping. The Class A/B amplifier circuitry used also means that  the amplifiers have greater headroom than more common stock amps.

This only scratches the surface of the improvements found in these new releases so here are the lists of specifications in full!



Key Specs - BX5 D3 



Key Specs - BX8 D3

Wednesday, 5th July 2017

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