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Fender Twisted Telecaster Pickup Set

Fender Twisted Telecaster Pickup Set


This Fender Custom Shop set are a twisted take on the classic Tele sound. Hotter response with a higher output.

Fender Twisted Telecaster Pickup Set

Love your Telecaster's tonal character but want something with a hotter higher output? This Twisted Tele pickup set by Fender is the perfect upgrade or replacement for your stock pickup arrangement.

The pro pickup engineers at Fender have given this set an alternative tonal dimension and performance edge. Formvar-coated neck pickup magnet wire adds brightness and glassiness, Enamel-coated bridge pickup magnet wire delivers warm vintage-style tones, Flush-mount pole pieces produce even string response and Alnico 5 magnets add more focus and enhanced dynamics.

Accurate down to every little detail, this set features period-correct cloth output wire and fiber bobbin construction and also comes with the iconic nickel pickup cover for the neck pickup for clear Tele tone and great vintage looks.