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Squier Guitar Packages

Stop dreaming and start playing with the all new Squier guitar and bass starter packages!

For decades Squier have been offering great value packages for beginner, aspiring guitar or bass players around the world who are looking to start their musical journey. So when it comes to Squier's guitar and bass packages and where they fit into the current range it is out with old and in with the new for 2017. 

The range has now been condensensed down to just 3 core models - Short scale Strat, HSS Strat and Affinity PJ Bass. All three of the new models come in two colour options with Candy Apple and Brown Sunburst avalible for the HSS Strat, Black and Brown Sunburst for the PJ Basses and the short scale Strats. 

Squier Short Scale Strat and HSS Strat packs (Above) 

The contents of the pack and their accesories vary for each model. Squier Short Scale Strat owners will receive a Squier Frontman 10G Amplifier while the HSS Strat owners will benefit from a Squier Frontman 15G Amp that has a little extra tweakability and power at its disposal. Bassits will be glad to hear that the much loved Rumble 15 Bass amp has also been chosen as part of the PJ Bass packages as these compact combos are capable of some beautiful cleans and punchy enough lows for any home environment. 

Squier PJ Basses in Black and Brown Sunburst (Above) 

All packs also generously come with a Guitar strap, a 10" Instrument cable  and a FREE 30 day trial for 'Fender Play'! 

Thursday, 3rd August 2017

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